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acredoの創作の中心にあるのは、愛です – お二人のあいだの愛と、私たちから製品への愛。















クラシックに、結婚の日付やパートナーのお名前をリングの内側に刻んだり、あるいは非常にクリエイティブに、ご自身のスケッチを大胆にリングの外側に刻んだり -acredoならあらゆる可能性が広がります。

acredo provides Quality "made in Germany"

Golden craftsmanship meets state-of-the-art technology

acredo unites tradition with modern technology - not only in the design of your rings but also in the production processes. Our production takes place exclusively in Germany - in the original home of the watch and jewelry industry, the city of Pforzheim. Our long-term partner, egf Manufaktur for engagement, wedding, and eternity rings, looks back on many years of experience and was the first manufacturer of wedding rings to be awarded a quality certificate by the Schmucktechnologisches Institut Pforzheim (the jewelry technology institute in Pforzheim). Your unique wedding rings, made in Germany, are manufactured by combining state-of-the-art production technology with the traditional goldsmith’s art. Excellent workmanship and the best materials are of paramount importance at acredo for us to create rings that will last an eternity.

The Precision, the spirit of the time and emotions influence our production

Not all production is alike. Jewelry production at egf Manufaktur combines not only high quality work processes and precise craftsmanship, but above all relates a strong emotional value to the jewelry made.

Jewelry is a token of love, the intimate bond between two people, the loyalty and the bliss. And it is precisely this symbolism that also inspires our staff in their work. In line with current trends in fashion, architecture and art, we make high-quality, stylish and emotionally enriched jewelry - jewelry as a symbol of your eternal love.

Rings by acredo: first-class quality

With rings from acredo, you get everything from a single source and from Germany. Because we accompany your special pieces of jewelry from the beginning to the end. The foundry for the bars, knocking out the cast, decisions by the goldsmith concerning the shape and color when turning, sintering and soldering, the setting of the stones, the engraving and the finish with polishing and matting - all these steps are carried out personally by employees of egf Manufaktur in Germany. At the same time, we provide you with special profile shapes for exceptional wearing comfort, special surface quality thanks to special hardening methods, exclusive stones and premium settings and unique individuality thanks to the new wedding ring designer. Your rings will be as exceptional and as special as your love.



egf 工房と acredo は妥協のない品質に焦点を当て、持続可能性にコミットしています。2017年 3 月、egf 工房は「初」の RJC 認証を取得しました。RJC の CoP (Code of Practices=実施規範)に加え、egf 工房はいわゆる Provenance Claim(原産地証明)―これはすべての認証者に義務付けられたものではありません―の条件も満たしています。


RJC Zertifikat

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