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It all begins with fire

Manufacturing your personal piece of jewelry begins with casting the alloy, just like for wedding rings.

Firstly, we have the pure precious metals. The special mixing ratio for the desired alloy is put together and melted down at a very high temperature.

This process requires high competence and sensitivity in order to achieve a first-class result.

We are specialised in making our own alloys at our factory in Pforzheim, Germany. This sets us apart from most other manufacturers.

Our own casting is one of the success factors in the 80 year history of our company as one of the leading international specialists for manufacturing wedding rings and jewelry.

From the original model to your favourite piece

We use a different process to cast earrings, pendants and necklaces than we use for manufacturing wedding rings as they are subject to less wear and tear.

The model that you have chosen is initially recasted in wax. This wax cast is put in a cuvette, which contains an implantation paste. The cuvette is burnt out in a kiln. As it is heated, the wax runs out, creating a negative of the jewelry.

It can now be filled with the liquid metal. Great expertise is required for this process to succeed. The implantation paste is then removed and the casting tree - which usually holds several rings - is cleaned.

Each individual ring is removed from the casting tree and the goldsmith continues to work on it.

Stone Settings

The work of the jewel setter is considered to be the supreme discipline in manufacturing jewelry.

With utmost concentration, the setter places the one of a kind diamonds in your chosen setting with a steady hand. Setters use a microscope to ensure the stones are placed precisely, and to fasten the setting.

A classic setting is the 4 or 6 prong setting. A bezel setting, which encloses the stone, produces a very clear effect. The stone appears larger when set in a white precious metal.

At acredo you will not only find the classical round prong form. Our Cordial collection has heart-shaped prongs for the romantics among you.

And if you decide on a solitaire ring with an attachment setting, we make the ring shank as hard as a wedding ring shank, and you have an even larger selection of prong heads - also with 8 prongs.

Our setters especially enjoy setting large stones, often in combination with small stones on the ring shank. The ring comes to life at the moment when the ring shank and stone come together.

The magic of Diamonds

When setting the stones, our setters have a lot of responsibility for the value placed in their hands.

At acredo we set a wide range of stone shapes: brilliant-cut diamonds, which are the round-shaped diamonds, heart-shaped diamonds, four-sided baguettes and square princess diamonds.

No matter what shape the diamond has, all diamonds are inspected in detail by our experts when they arrive at the factory. This is how we ensure the excellent quality you expect us to provide.

On entering the stone gallery, you will notice not only the sparkle of the diamonds but also the sparkle in the eyes of the staff.

Individual Engraving

At acredo we offer you a selection of 10 different straight and curved fonts for your engraving.

You provide us with your text, date or drawing. And we engrave this on your ring with the help of state-of-the-art laser technology. To do this, we fix each individual ring in a mount. Your data is entered and transferred to the material by laser.

There is no end to the engraving possibilities except for space. The date you met or got engaged in combination with the name of your partner, nickname or a saying are ideas for engagement rings.

Classic sayings include: "Ich liebe Dich", "I love you", "Je t’aime", "True Love", "Endless Love", "With love" and "Forever".

Working the surface

The classic solitaire ring as an engagement ring is not only white gold, yellow gold or platinum. It also has a shiny polished surface.

If you would like to individually design the surface, we recommend you to have an engagement ring that consists of a wedding ring shank and an attachment setting. This allows you to freely choose from all the possibilities and, for example, to select a hammered finish for a particularly handcrafted look.

The surface finish takes place in the final manufacturing phase. This is where the special expertise of our polishers is needed, as polishing is a highly sensitive process requiring an exact eye.



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