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Profile Shapes with a Feel-Good Factor

The profile refers to the cross section of the ring. There are straight profiles, lightly and heavily rounded profiles, profiles that are drawn in or a combination of these.

In order for your ring to be comfortable, it is important that the inside, outside and sides perfectly merge with each other.

Our graduate designers deal with this mathematically complex issue. We aim to develop utterly harmonious, sometimes unusual shapes that simply feel good when worn every day.

It is best if you find out for yourself by experiencing the touch and feel of the profile shapes in the different widths at our acredo partner stores.

Our Alloys


The Magic of Diamonds

Made in Germany with Love

Many hands pay utmost attention to a piece of jewelry during its creation. Specialists are needed for every step: from casting, over turning the rings, the goldsmith and setting as well as polishing and finishing.

Pforzheim has been the home of the jewelry and watch-making industry in Germany since Margrave Friedrich von Baden founded the industry in 1767. Due to the proximity to the goldsmith and watch-maker’s academy, Pforzheim has both craftsmen and technical and design-oriented specialists that work on your pieces of jewelry with utmost attention to detail.

This combination of craftsmanship and high-tech allows us to be extremely efficient, the advantage of which we pass on to you in our attractive prices.

At acredo, Made in Germany means: Reliability, design and high quality.

Elegant and Exclusive

Committed to Sustainability

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egf Manufaktur and thus acredo places emphasis on uncompromising quality and is committed to sustainability. egf Manufaktur has been a member of RJC since 2017. Furthermore, it fulfills the RJC Chain of Custody standard - a non-mandatory standard for members.

Ensure your prosperous future together begins with a good feeling.

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