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Design. Combine. Extend.

Stack your happiness with ring sets from acredo

A ring set consists of at least two or more rings that are worn together on one finger. Each ring is beautiful in its own right and tells the story of love and the special moments in life.

From engagement to wedding, from the birth of a child to a wedding anniversary or maybe even a ceremony to renew your vows - a precious ring can help you to hold on to a whole series of occasions.

We invite you to design your own individual ring set. Our Chorus, Couplet and Charisma collections will inspire you. All of the rings in these collections go together perfectly and are just waiting to be discovered by you.










All good things come in threes: acredo Ring Sets

A ring is seldom worn alone. Opt for a trio set from acredo for the right answer in a double sense. True to the motto "All good things come in threes", the bride’s wedding ring is accompanied by the matching complementary ring and the sparkling eternity ring - making up the ring set. For this, the two wedding rings should be kept simple in their design. Thus allowing the bride’s wedding ring to harmonise perfectly with an exciting additional ring. This is usually the engagement ring -matching the wedding rings. With acredo ring sets you will feel never alone!

Turn two into three: and your stacking rings will match perfectly

Men prefer things to be simple and timeless, while ladies tend to love things to be sparkling and exciting. acredo ring sets bring these two opposites together. Keep the design of your wedding rings quite classic with just a few diamonds for the bride - and the glittering complementary ring with lots of small diamonds or one big stone will match the bride’s ring. Women can thus enjoy their love of shimmering precious stones, while the men can remain true to their timeless style.

acredo’s Couplet and Chorus collections offer a wide range of stacking rings that perfectly unite the traditional with the modern.

Self-made three times over: configure your trio set yourself

With the acredo wedding ring designer you can design all three rings in your ring set yourself. You can adjust the design and comfort of the bride’s additional ring to match your wedding rings. Configure the bride’s wedding ring first. Discreet with few or no diamonds, white gold or platinum, narrow or slightly wider. The designer automatically displays the corresponding ring for the bridegroom. Once width and height have been set, the bride can continue with the scintillating complementary ring, adapting the profile to match the wedding ring, or deliberately go for something different - in the sense of a more exciting design. With or without a eternity ring - the different possibilities can be combined in the trio set. Call in one of our stores for inspiration and discuss the collections with our staff. Your stacking rings are certainly self-made times three, whether you have designed them by yourself or with the aid of our specialists.

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