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Heart Engagment Rings

Are you hopelessly romantic and love diamonds? Then we have the right engagement rings for you - all with hearts.

The heart is the symbol of love and life. We have dedicated an entire engagement ring collection called Cordial to this symbol.

Discover engagement rings with real heart diamonds, fine heart details or heart settings. Give your heart as a gift and create your own.

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An Engagement Ring with a lot of Heart

A proposal with a heart-shaped engagement ring is pure romance. Imagine you are two, the question of all questions has just been asked, the box opens to reveal a sparkling heart. There's no better way to give your heart away. A "yes" is almost guaranteed.

The engagement ring with diamond heart

The sparkle of the heart-shaped diamond comes from its facets. These are responsible for the reflection of light and the brilliance that comes with it. As with all other diamonds, we attach great importance to quality in heart-shaped diamonds and offer only the best stones as a matter of principle. Depending on the design, you can choose heart-shaped diamonds from 0.1 ct to 1.0 ct. You design. We manufacture with great attention to detail in our manufactory in Germany.

Heart details for the engagement ring

The heart diamonds are held securely in settings with 3 or 6 lobes. The ring band is either classically polished or additionally decorated with small diamonds next to the diamond heart. In addition to the engagement rings with diamond hearts, we offer a series of rings with fine heart details on the side. When viewed from the front, the round diamond catches the eye. Turn the ring on its side and small hearts become visible, set into the side of the setting. Or the claws themselves have the shape of small hearts. Go on a journey of discovery. You will love it.

Engagement rings with the hidden heart

A very special variation of engagement rings with a heart is SECRET HEART®. Here, a hidden heart is worked into the side of the ring band. This is visible when you look at the ring from a certain perspective. It is the secret of the partnership that is kept with these engagement rings with the hidden heart.