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Mokume Gane Wedding Rings

Mokume Gane wedding rings are exceptional and always 100% unique. They bear witness to the highest quality and craftsmanship.

The combination of different precious metals results in a natural pattern that is reminiscent of a wood grain. The origin of Mokume Gane lies in the Japanese art of blacksmithing.

Do you love nature and the extraordinary? Then Mokume Gane wedding rings are just the thing for you. Get inspired and start your own tradition.

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Mokume-Gane Style Wedding Rings

The small design sensation with a wow effect!

Looking for unusual wedding rings? We have something for you: exclusive, strikingly overwhelming - and each of these adjectives falls short. With their unmistakable patterns, wedding rings made using the Mokume Gane technique are certainly among the most fascinating wedding rings. It makes you look twice! And we know: A wedding ring not only connects two people, it can also become a topic of conversation.

The Mokume Gane design of these very special wedding rings is wave-shaped. It is a powerful, vibrating interplay of different precious metals: palladium, green gold and red gold, for example, make a powerful combination. Even within a colour family, palladium-silver and palladium-platinum make a powerful extravagance. But how exactly is the distinctive design created?

The Mokume Gane wedding ring: always unique

At least two different metals are forged together in several layers on top of each other to form a so-called layer block. The more metals involved, the more contrasting the pattern. Mokume Gane translated means "wood grain" and this is exactly what the characteristic look reminds us of.

This old, elaborate and very time-consuming process, which originated in Japan, has a very special feature: No two rings are alike! Because the processing of the metals always results in different, unique patterns. A wedding ring could hardly be more individual. A feature that gives your wedding ring even more emotional value.

Wedding rings in the Mokume Gane pattern - fascinating mix of metals

The Mokume Gane men's ring doesn't need any other design elements - the aesthetic grain alone does the trick. For the ladies it's a bit different. When gold meets palladium and is crowned by a small diamond in the centre of the ring, the feminine note of the wedding ring unfolds. It is also possible to arrange several small stones: harmoniously inserted into the mokume gane pattern, they do not overload the unusual wedding ring at all.

With the acredo wedding ring configurator you can go through all the possibilities and create your wedding ring in Mokume Gane style together. You determine the material, appearance and style and we manufacture your dream wedding ring with the greatest care, passion and joy - because it's all about emotions. In the end, you will wear your personal unique Mokume Gane wedding ring on the most beautiful day of your life.